Which FlyMarker is right for me?

Feature PRO mini
100% portable, battery-operated, no cables
Very fast, deep, durable markings backed by easy-to-use software
Long battery life with two lithium ion batteries
Marks surfaces from plastic to aluminum to steel (62 Rockwell)
Light weight 10 lbs. 6 lbs.
Break-proof housing and carrying case
Storage space for hundreds of files
0-9, capital and lowercase letters, various punctuation marks
Automatic height compensation for round parts 5 mm 5 mm
Large standard, illuminated marking window 75x25 mm 65x30 mm
Available character heights 2.0 – 24.9 mm;
2.0 – 44.9 mm
1.0 – 29.9 mm
Heavy duty solenoid option for deeper marking  
Extension of marking area 75x45 mm
120x25 mm
120x45 mm
Touch screen version option  
Additional Options Include: Colum frame for conversion to a tabletop unit, Magnetic holding plate, multiple marking, logo, data matrix code, integrated bar code scanner, file creation on a PC, and many more!